vineri, 5 august 2011


Always when we try to speak
You seem to reject me...
Is this how you want to be?
Cause I'm starting to grow weak

I somethimes try to make you smile
Because you look unhappy always
So let's admit,just for theese days
That you will never be mine

Love already had your strike
But oh,you seem so sad
And that simply drives me mad
Because only I know what you're like

Maybe with me is simply not your place
Honey,understand me,please
Cause I'm already on my knees
And there's so much I have to face

I see you simply do not get it
I feel like you're my all
But I think I'm gonna fall
Because life and I can't fit...

You lost your glasses in the park
But I was there with you
I was there searching too
Now you're searching in the dark

Now I'm feeling paranoid
I feel so much shame
Because you just don't feel the same
And this I can't avoid

We're both living in fear
Because your heart's from stone
And I fear being alone
But we both share a cold tear

We two sould snap out of it...
It's just an imaginary dream
But we would be a good team
So I kinda fell in love a bit...

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