vineri, 5 august 2011


Your tender hands on my white cheeks
That's all you need to give
A little kiss on my sad lips
That's all I need to live

A little smile you can throw to me
You can do it any day
This is the way things sould be
But you're mean anyway

Please give me your strong embrace
Cause I need it so much
I hope that in your heart my place
Is warm and left untouched

In exchange,I'll give you all
My heart can give to you,sweet guy
I swear that you will never fall
And neither ever die

And when the sky turns blue for you
Time won't let you say "why?"
Because my feelings are true
I promise you;ll never cry

Let's not forget you'll smile every day
With me right next to you
And I love you,by the way
So let's run,just us two

When you wake up,I'll be right there
For you I'll cuddle like a bunny
I miss you and I wonder where
You ran away,my honey

In the end,I wish to say
Thet i need you very much
Also,i could kiss you all day
And I want your solu to touch

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